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JMAC Resources knows that each project has unique and various conditions and requirements and we believe in using the correct equipment for the job. Therefore, we maintain a complete fleet of earth construction equipment, tools and technology to meet a various project requirements.

Equipment Fleet

We have invested a great deal of capital to update our fleet of equipment from scrapers and dozers to articulated trucks. Additionally, we have access to rental equipment to complete even the most challenging projects.

Our preventative maintenance program has been restructured to reduce the frequency and impact of equipment problems in the field. The maintenance program is an integral part of our commitment to customer service.


Our investment in equipment and tools goes beyond the things with wheels and tracks. We believe that technology tools are an integral part of our ability to provide you with the best possible services. These tools provide a better end product in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Software Tools

We use estimating and scheduling software to create accurate bids and maintain and communicate an up-to-date project schedule and task list. Terramodeling software is used to calculate earthwork quantities and create digital models for GPS equipment.

GPS Equipment

We have implemented GPS practices into our equipment and processes. There are many direct and indirect benefits associated with GPS including:
  • Construction Staking
  • Accuracy and Increased Production
  • Surveying

Construction Staking

GPS allows us to perform our own construction staking and removes our dependence on outside surveying crews. We can perform the work on schedule as needed.

Accuracy and Increased Production
The use of GPS devices in our equipment provides great accuracy on the job site in a very efficient manner. This increased production efficiency provides many advantages in time savings and less rework.


The GPS equipment allows us to perform topographic surveys where we can calculate actual quantities in the field or create accurate quantity estimates during the bidding phase of the project. We can also perform and provide accurate as-built surveys.
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