People First, Safety Always

At JMAC Resources, we don’t just say we value safety; we live it. The safety of our workers and anyone at a project site takes priority.

For 2018, JMAC Resources has a TRIR of 0.0 and an EMR of .945.

We strive to remain an industry leader in safety and have maintained exceptional results through hard work and dedication from organized, well-managed crews.

Our safety program includes:

  • Safety-focused initiatives for all employees

  • Hands-on, comprehensive training

  • Ongoing safety leadership training for management

  • Reinforced industry best practices and training during safety meetings

  • Reviewing trends regarding safety alerts

  • Root cause analysis, hazard mitigation, and continuous improvement processes following an incident

  • Proactive safety considerations in operations

  • Effective Short Service Employee Program and Time Out For Safety Program

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JMAC Resources takes pride in taking care of customers the right way. Employees from multiple divisions work together to make things happen for our customers.

Shari Moody    |    JMAC Employee